Pasta Feast!

I don't know how much you love pasta but these ones should make you drool...

Pasta a la Noman


Tranquil Bulusan Lake

come my sirena! come!

i will snatch the sirena from you two!!!

....care dead

Bitis, Siki, Tiil, Paa - Feet Galore!

Nget Hu??!!

from the cursing toe and clockwise: boy kupsit, yummy mo, mica, cathy, meryo, lea, maiz, cherry, nb, and mech

The Freak News

When the day is so boring, it's killing you already, terrorist attack may happen. Just look what this crazy lady had done.

The news is a little too exaggerated. Well, Lea's not really a Marxist Tupamaro guerrilla for 14 years, neither had she been to Montevideo. It's in her blood to mess up things, though.

Are you asking what happened to Nolin's comfort room door? It's still in shape. You can use the cr and not worry your ass is saying hi to the passers by. I don't really understand why Lea has to pull some energy from some pungent thing in there and become like wonderwoman, though.